Saturday, September 22, 2012

That Thing!

Sorry I have been less than stellar keeping up on my posts, but school has started and I've been busy. But speaking of school, I've seen a couple air coolers around my school parking lot. Among them is one I see regularly the yellow thing. Yep a VW 181, I don't usually see many of them around but this one I've seen at school a lot. I hope I run into who ever it is who owns it sometime. I wish there were more things around, I think they are pretty awesome cars. Designed kind of like the WWII German jeep, kubelwagen, they are made for rouging it. Off road on road uphill, over hill, you name it they were built for it.

 On another note I had one of those moments at the gas station where you run into someone who owned a bug, so you become instant friends. I was just finishing cleaning of the windows when a red truck pulled up next to me. There was an older lady in teh back. She leaned the window and asked "what year is your bug?" I responded "1974, have you owned one?" Turns out she owned a 1974 VW Bug too, she owned it when she graduated from high school. It's the car she learned to drive stick shift in. I have always loved that part about owning and old Volkswagen. Does this happen do you guys pretty often? Any interesting stories from experiences like this?


  1. I love THINGS! I seldom go anywhere without at least one or two people who want to chat me up about the bus. The other day I had a guy screaming at me over my stereo blasting. HE just wanted to tell me how cool he thought my bus was. :)

  2. Things are cool. It is hilarious getting people's reactions to our cars. I'll bet you probably get even more reactions in a bus. :) That's awesome.