Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Showing off my VW pride with a key-chain

At the last car show I went to I was disappointed to find very few people selling parts. It was a great show, but it would have been better if there were as many spare part vendors as there were at the Wasatch Classic car show. But I did get one thing from the show, finally I got a VW key-chain. not much, just a $2 purchase but I thought it was pretty nifty.I really liked this one, partially because of what it said. It says on it "Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat...". So true, a VW is incredibly tough, it's usually the driver that has the struggles, freezing, trying to see through the window as rain pounds down, and getting way too hot on a drive in the summer. I thought it was pretty cool, I've wanted a VW key-chain for a while so I'm happy to finally have one. Any of you guys have a cool VW key-chain you like?

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