Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sapphire AM Radio With iPod Connection

Hey everybody, I just finished working on my AM Sapphire XV radio to add an audio cable for my iPod. It was a really simple project with very little alteration to the actual radio. The great part is it still maintains the function of the AM radio. Here is a video of the final result: 

I decided to do some looking around to see if it was possible after I installed my radio and realized that the radio itself didn't work very well. I found that the radio couldn't pick up a very good signal. Sadly in my area there is only one AM station with a signal strong enough for my radio to pick up. I wanted a way to have the songs from my iPod played through the radio while maintaining the stock functionality.

After some research I found out how to do it. I added a page to the resource section of the site that lists the instructions for how I made the connection to my radio. Here is a link to  the Radio Conversion for iPod/MP3 Hook-up article.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Veedub Classics New Site

I have a brand new site that I have put together for Veedub Classics. It is still a work in progress but I will have more ability and freedom on an actual website instead of a blog. I will keep posting my blog here on blogspot. My blog will also be posted on the website. For now the site address is if you would like to check it out. Thanks for keeping up on blog posts. You guys are great. Check out my new site and give me some feed back, again it is still a work in progress so some of the pages I have started I haven't finished yet, but I would love feedback. The link to the blog on my site is here: Veedub Classics Blog.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Google Street View

This is in front of my house.
Last fall, just after school had started Google maps redid the street view for the Provo, UT area. I found out because I drove past or the Google maps car drove past me twice while I was driving around town over the course of a week. I was really excited about that since my car would be on Google maps two times. I kept checking back and they never updated them... until just this week. I guess it takes a bit of time for them to process the new images and put them online. Just for fun I also checked in front of my house and discovered that my car is on Google maps 3 times in total. That is so awesome. I have been excited about that all day, I'm sure I will be pulling up Google maps to show any one i can. Do you guys have pics of your VW's on Google maps?
This is as I was heading to work.
This is as I was leaving school.