Friday, September 28, 2012

Brake Check!

New Brake Pads
I was driving home from work the other day, and I heard a rattling noise coming from one of the back brakes. It did not sound good. I reached down to rest my hand on the parking brake and it was vibrating, so I knew the rattling was coming from the brakes. When I got to my neighborhood I tried the parking brake to slow the car down, and it started squealing at me. I figured we needed to buy new brake pads, so I went out and bought some. It made sense, my brakes have never been good. The pedal would go all the way to the floor, and the parking brake never worked well, so I figured pads. When I tore the back brakes apart I realized there was one small pin that held the parking brake to the pads that had gotten loose on one side. That pads were still good, I replaced the back ones anyway. They were worn a little. But all it needed was a clip to hold the pin  in place and a brake adjustment.

The brake with the loose pin
What a difference it makes to have fully adjusted brakes. It stops so much better! And it is so nice to have a parking brake that works. This is the type thing I love about my car. Working on the little things, like the brakes, that make the car that much better of a car. One other thing I have learned how to do, and another good day of working on the bug


  1. Those are actually brake shoes, not brake pads; pads are for disk brakes and are totally different. Just so you don't confuse the parts guy next time (or get chuckled at after you leave the store).


    1. Yes, you are absolutely right, wording slip up. Thanks for the correction, I'll proofread my posts more carefully next time. Thanks whc03grady