Monday, July 22, 2013

One thing leads to another...

As you can see my car is less than drive able. it's kind of a bummer too, our big VW show was last Saturday and I was hoping to take my red car, I did go to the show, I entered my green one, but I'll post on that another day this week or next. And I was hoping to take it to a parade on Wednesday. the 24th of July is a big day in Utah, it's Pioneer Day, and the little town I'm for always does a big celebration. Someday I'll put it in that parade.

Anyway back to the reason my new one is less than drive able. When I brought the car home I knew it would need some front end work (most super beetles do) what I didn't know was the master cylinder was leaking. I found out when I went to get the inspection done. As I got the master cylinder wrapped up I had trouble bleeding the brakes. found out it was time to race both rear wheel cylinders. Then when I pulled off the hubs I found that all the brake shoes were cracked. so it's been a little frustrating trying to get the car road worthy, especially since I missed both deadlines I wanted to hit. Oh well I'm hanging in there. I'll get Felix running soon.

On another note last Friday was my birthday, my family gave me a couple fun bug related gifts, I'll be sharing those with you guys over the next little while too, whenever I have a spare minute that isn't spent on my car at least.

Friday, July 5, 2013

New Turn Of Events...

About a week ago I found a bug for sale, a 1975 fuel injected super beetle with a sunroof. And it was in amazing condition. As much as i love my little 74 beetle I've realized it will take a lot of work and time to keep it running right. I came to the decision that If the Beetle online was as good as it looked I would buy it and sell my car. Not to mention it was just the car I have been looking for for quite a while. I have wanted a super beetle for some time, from the research I've done there a better car for my needs, I wanted fuel injection for more reliability and more power, and the sunroof is something that I've wanted even before I bought my green 74. And for icing on the cake it even has pop out quarter windows.

Well today, this morning I went to check it out. I was very impressed, the car was taken care of and worked over. The guy I will be buying it from is very nice, about my age, in high school, I felt like he was very honest about the car and was impressed with him too. He even washed, cleaned and detailed the car before I came to look at it, I hadn't even decided to buy it. Any way the car drove like a dream, the difference between a standard beetle and a super beetle as far as steering and suspension goes is night and day, and the body of the beetle is in excellent shape it was taken to a shop and sanded down, had the body work done, and they repainted red and white with the right tools. The car is great!

So tomorrow morning I will go to pick the car up. The plan is to then sell my old car off, my 74 beetle. I think this super beetle will make a much better daily driver. But I'll post some more about all the improvements on a super beetle later on after I get the car. I also want to do a video about my new car, so I'll post that when I get it done. I'll show some more pics of the car when I get it home tomorrow. I'm so excited, its like Christmas all over again!