Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Be back in two years...

Sorry, i just haven't had time to post before I leave. I've been very busy preparing to leave, getting scholarship applications done, spending time with friends, packing etc. But it will be an awesome experience!

Thanks for all the support and comments I've gotten on my blog. If you're new to my blog in the two years I'm gone please read through my older posts and still feel free to comment.

Mark your calendars for March 2016 I'll be back sometime that month. And I'll post shortly after I get back. I hope to have a few VW stories. But I'll have lots of pictures of the Baltic States. Talk to you again in two years!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Big Announcement

Lithuanian Flag
I have a really cool and really big announcement for any of you who have been following my blog. I have decided to serve a two year proselyting service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons) to which I belong. I will be teaching others about my beliefs as well as serving the people in my area. I have been called to serve in the Baltic Mission. This includes Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Belarus. Four countries next to Russia. I will be speaking Lithuanian and will be mainly serving in Lithuania.

I will be leaving February 26th. So only a few short months. I will not be updating my blog for the two years I will be gone, but don't worry I'll let you guys know when I get back, and I won't be abandoning the blog. I'll still update some more before I leave. I have to get my bug ready for my absence. My dad is going to take it for regular drives so it doesn't end up sitting derelict for two years. I'm getting ready to do a full tune-up. Any way, just a heads up notice for February.

I am really excited! Lithuania is an awesome country with cool traditions. Doubtful I'll see to many air cooled VW's while I'm there but one never knows. Its going to be a great experience though. I'm hoping while I am there I will also be able to pick up some Russian, as they speak that as well. In fact at one time the whole area was under soviet rule. Lithuania has some interesting history. I may post about some of the stories I'm finding out before I leave (even if it isn't VW related). If you have any questions about my mission call or anything let me know in the comments below and I'll get back to you.