Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last call VW Show

Car show #3 for the year! Sadly with winter approaching it will probably be the last one for this year.But I had an awesome time! It was at the Volkswagen Southetown VW Dealership in Salt Lake UT. Besides teh classic Beetles I got a good look at the new ones. I think their pretty cool. There was a lot of VWs there though. I think it had more VWs than the last show I went to, sadly there weren't as many vendors. I took some money hoping to buy a few things from a guy who was at the last car show, mainly some awesome sport seats he was selling. Oh well, always next year. Back to the show there were some awesome cars that were excellently restored. But for the most part a lot of the bugs there weren't in any better condition that mine, made me feel good about my car. My all time favorite Beetle was a yellow 1971 super beetle that was in excellent condition. There were many other great one's too. The close second was a reddish orange early model Beetle. There were some great one's there. My favorite bus was a very nice cove blue westy. I really liked the fact that they had the attached tent with it, it was in very nice condition! There were a lot of buses and vanagons there. Well, enjoy the pics from the show. Any shows any of you guys have been to recently, comment below, I would love to hear about them.

Yep, even a porche
My close second favorite bug
My favorite Bus
My Favorite Bug
Here's a Notch   

Karmann Ghia

Very Nice Bug

A Sports Bug

He's Watching You!

Some Customs


  1. That gorgeous yellow 912E is almost a VW anyway. Really.


  2. Almost, not quite. It was very nice looking though.