Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rust eze Bumper Ointment

I wish I could get a hold of something like this. My front bumper is covered in rust after one winter. It is all covered in surface rust. I know that sanding it down will remove any chrome that is left and that would make my problem worse. I need some rust-eze to make my bumper shine. So what are some suggestions for removing and preventing rust on my bumper?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1966 Beetle Model

Thought I would do a post about one of my Christmas presents I recently finished. This is a 1966 VW Beetle model by Tamiya. There are a few small things that they didn't get quite right (like the windshield wipers being parked in the wrong side) but overall it is very accurate  It is also very detailed. It was a lot of fun to do. I even took the time to put carpet in the passenger compartment. Here are the rest of the pictures. What do you guys think? Does anyone else like doing models like this?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Driver Side Seat Belt

I found out recently on the samba about a guy who sells brand new retractable 3 point seat belts for $18 with $25 for shipping. It comes as a pair. The guy is selling Hummer seatbelts but they work perfectly in a bug and look remarkably like the originals. Here is a link to his ebay page. I was really excited to find this because usually seat belts are outrageously priced. Anyway mine finally arrived. I only have the driver's side belt in because it had a mounting bracket with it. The passenger side seat belt is an older non retractable style with no mounting bracket of anysort. I will be making one this week so I will be able to show pictures of both sides in later. Here is this one installed though. It really is very nice. It works just like the stock one's. My old one stopped retracting and looked like a piece of garbage. It is so nice to have a new belt in the car, it makes the car feel newer. I will also be glad to replace the old non retractable hard to adjust seat belt, but not as glad as the people who ride with me in my car. So if any one is looking for seat belts check this out.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Saw Another Bug at School

I've seen this bug around a couple of times while going from class to class but this is the first chance I had to snap a picture. And this time I was actually able to park next to it. It's a nice color of blue with a really nicely done beige interior. It looks to be a 1974 Bug like mine. I think that's a good year, I may be biased just a little bit though. Also note that the snow is starting to melt so maybe the groundhog was right this year, maybe spring is just around the corner.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Volkswagen Commercial - Reincarnation

I like looking at Beetle Commercials when I'm bored browsing the internet. You may see more postings on different commercials. Today's commercial is this one for the new 2012 Beetle. I think this commercial just embodies the spirit of the Beetle. It was a car that could be put through just about anything and come out on top. And the song is just so appropriate. Anyone who owns a beetle just seems to fall in love with it, they have a very hard time parting with it if they ever do part with it. It becomes one of the family. I think Volkswagen did an amazing job on this commercial, what are your opinions about it? Comment below!

Who Saw The VW Ad in the Superbowl?

Volkswagen got another spot in the Superbowl ad selection this year. While this year's commercial doesn't have to do with Star Wars or dogs I thought it was an awesome and creative commercial.  In the early years of Volkswagen their ads were always very creative and counter to what most car manufacturers were advertising. Take for instance the famous "think small" ad when most car manufacturers were saying "Think BIG!" Their ads have continued to be fun, light hearted, and not follow the normal trend. In their latest commercial "Get Happy" the theme of the commercial is being happy. They have another commercial out as well the theme of it is "It's not the miles its how you live them" and the entire commercial is full of laughter. Many car commercials now are about the glamour and "sex appeal" of the car. I think it's awesome that Volkswagen was able to again come out with something original and fun. There aren't many car commercials I would want to show to kids (or watch myself), but I have sat down with my nephew to watch many Volkswagen ads over and over. It goes to show that they are more of a family oriented company. This is one of my favorite VW ads now. What are some of your favorite VW ads?