About Me

I first got into Volkswagens when my older brother Jared bought a silver 1974 VW Beetle. I fell in love with the car. I knew I had to have one someday. As the years went on I started to find out more and more about the car. I found out about a local car show that was sponsored by a VW Club in my area. Eventually my brother sold his bug, but I had caught the "bug".

When I turned 15 I faithfully checked all the classifieds for the right Beetle. Finally 3 days before I turned 16 I finally found one only 30 minutes away from home. When I went to check it out I was fairly pleased. It did have a few issues, but it needed a good home. I bought it on my 16th birthday. I was so excited that even the fact that it barely made it back to my house didn't even phase me. It took a while to finally get it running, but six months later I was able to start driving it to school.

Now I am slowly working it over as pieces on it break. Right now I am just keeping it running, but someday I want to do a full restoration or rebuild. My idea for what I want it to be someday constantly changes but someday it will be all finished and like new.