Monday, September 24, 2012

A few little parts on the way

There are a bunch of little parts that I never really think about ordering. I always think, it's just a small part I'll order it with my next big order, and then I forget. Then there are those things you think I need to fix that, and then you don't think about it for a while. For instance my gas pedal sticks because it's missing the roller. When it sticks I think I'll replace that, then it works good and I forget about it. Well I put together an order of a few of the dumb little parts I need. I ordered a new antenna: I'm hoping it will make a difference on my radio. Right now I have a cheap aftermarket radio that was on the car when I got it. I also ordered the new accelerator repair kit: It should help my gas pedal move more smoothly. And I ordered the rubber pads that go on the brake and clutch pedal: Right now it's just bare metal that can be a little slippery, so those are ordered and should be here soon. I'm excited about it. Now I just need to put together a list of all the other dumb little parts I need to get.

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