Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finally a Stock Steering Wheel!

As you probably know I used to have a 1974 beetle. It had a funky tiny little steering wheel with a broken horn button. And I was always on the lookout for a stock steering wheel. Took me a little time to find out that VW produced a new steering wheel in 1972, the modern style steering wheel. But in 1974 they changed steering columns small the old steering wheels no longer fit. I learned that the hard way,  a guy was advertising a steering wheel a while back as a 1973 and up, so I bought it. And it didn't fit at all. So I sent it back and kept searching. And searching. I was never able to find one that was reasonably priced and in good shape while I had my old car. I was able to find plenty 1972 to 1973 steering wheels, but for some reason 1974 and up wheels are harder to find. 

Then I get my new super beetle and it's old wheel was terrible, it was a cheap after market one that really didn't fit well. And the norm would beep whenever I took a sharp right turn. It was embarrassing, and I got a lot of crab for it from my friends. Finally thought I found a stock steering wheel online. I love it! It looks so much nicer, and I can actually see my speedometer, I don't have to look around the wheel to see my speed and fuel anymore! And I think stock usually looks better than aftermarket anyway.