Friday, August 31, 2012

The Bug Starts

Well over the last couple of days Pacha has become less and less reliable when I try to get him to start. He runs just fine but starting, not so much. Looking into the problem I found it was probably the electric ignition switch. I wasn't sure but my car was taking longer and longer to start each day i waited. Finally I decided to chance it and I looked online for it and wouldn't you know Amazon sold a switch with prime shipping. I was able to order it and it got here two days later. Very Exciting. I checked online on how to change the switch and it isn't two bad of a job actually. You take of the steering wheel, and the entire block of metal that the ignition sits in. Then you undo a screw replace the switch put the screw back in and put it all back together. And I tried it with great success! It starts every time now. Very satisfying to know I picked the right part and I was able to get the problem fixed. I'm just amazed at where you can find parts, like on amazon. I wouldn't have thought that but my dad told me to check there so I did. Pretty cool though.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

4x4 VW Bus

I found an article today about an amazing idea for a VW Bus. Check this out, I mean this is awesome. The owner of this bus, Steve Rice, took the body of a bus and put it on the chassis of a Jeep 4x4. Replacing the engine with a 300 hp automatic beast to power this bus. Imagine the places you could go camping with something like this. I can guarantee you would sleep better than all the hikers or backpackers, even those with big trucks. You can go anywhere they can and sleep in classic comfort. Love it, two thumbs up Steve! Check out his blog for the whole story at Off Road 4x4 VW Bus.

This article got the wheels turning in my head. I'm thinking the VW transporter truck but with 4x4. I love those trucks, but if I were to get a truck here in Utah I would want something that could have 4x4 for the snow and mountains.  I'm telling you this idea could be transferable to a truck. I've got to remember that, someday when I have the money to restore one, that may be the way to go. Have you guys heard of any other 4x4 Volkswagens? if so I would love to hear about them. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super Sonic Volkswagen Beetle

Ok so I found this video by Cesar Laser while browsing the internet. It's about a supersonic VW Beetle that he likes cruzing around in, and it's one of those songs that's very catchy and gets stuck in your head. This guy went to Britain's Got Talent with this song. It's one of the only songs I've ever found that has to do with a VW Beetle so I thought I would share it. I'll also include the link to the version he did at Britain's got Talent: Supersonic Volkswagen BGT.  I think it's a kind of weird, but catchy nonetheless. What do you guys think? Good song or not?

Finally a Cup Holder

My new cup holder

My Old Cup Holder
It's very hard to drive a stick shift while holding a drink at the same time. I have tried it several times and it just doesn't work for me. And being an old beetle it has no cup holder. For a while I tried using one of those paper cup holders you can get at KFC. It still doesn't work very well unless you get a small drink. I have spilled sprite several times in my car. It makes a sticky mess. I really needed a cup holder, but I just had more important things to but than one of those floor consoles or the plug and chug drink holder that plugs into the ash tray. But while I was buying oil at Autozone a sollution presented itself. I found a product be Bell. It is a cup holder that fits inside the window. The best par was it was only $2. I figured if it didn't work I'd only be out $2, and it did work. I'm actually quite pleased with it. A great fix for the problem. So if you need a cup holder, I would recommend this for a try. What solutions have you guys found.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Speaker is in!

Well my new 4 ohm speaker got shipped! I got it installed and it seems to work a lot better. The stations that have the best reception are fairly loud, loud enough to hear when the engine is at a lower RPM. Eventually when I want to put a better muffler on it, a stock muffler, that will help to quiet it a bit. But you can here it while driving, whereas before you couldn't here it if the engine was running at all. I think part of the problem may be I also need to replace the Antennae. The one that was in it when I bought it is a really cheep after market one. Not stock. Their only like $8 so I may pick one up sooner rather than later. If that improves reception, I may be set. It's nice having my little radio in, kind of exciting actually. Do any of you still have the stock radio in yours?

New Axles

My New Axle
Well I finally replaced the rear axles in my car. I thought the CV Joints were bad. Now, I;m not so sure. First I noticed a grinding noise about a year ago. I know that was the CV Joints. It made that grinding noise when I took a sharp corner at 15- 20 miles per hour. After about 2 months though it went away. Then I noticed a clicking noise. It always seemed to come from the rear of teh car. THe sound was kind of a clickety clack, I was sure it waws the CV Joints. I finally forked up the $160 to buy two new axles, and after I put them in the clicky sound is still there. I then find it was my rims. The rims on my car have a funky plastic insert that is loose and it rattles as you drive, that's it. But those are something that would need to be replaced sometime anyway. The old one's were pretty greasy and worn. They still worked but they would need to be replaced sometime. So thought I would share my story. Have you guys had the experience where you've replaced something to find out nothing was wrong in the first place? Reminds me of that old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it".

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jared Norman Fine Art

My brother Jared is going out in illustration with and emphasis in concept art. He is really good at it too. He had some fun with my bug the other day. The pieces he did turned out really good. He did these two peieces digitally with photoshop. They are really cool. Living in utah the bug with the treads would be great in the winter. Bet the flying bug would sure save time getting places. As my other brother said "Put me down for one of these!"

Jared also did another piece for me a little while back. This one was done a little different. He also does some of his art work using colored pencils usually on black paper, they turn out really amazing as well and I wanted to share that piece with you guys. click on teh link here Red Bug. Check out his website and other pieces at Jared Norman Fine Art.