Friday, August 31, 2012

The Bug Starts

Well over the last couple of days Pacha has become less and less reliable when I try to get him to start. He runs just fine but starting, not so much. Looking into the problem I found it was probably the electric ignition switch. I wasn't sure but my car was taking longer and longer to start each day i waited. Finally I decided to chance it and I looked online for it and wouldn't you know Amazon sold a switch with prime shipping. I was able to order it and it got here two days later. Very Exciting. I checked online on how to change the switch and it isn't two bad of a job actually. You take of the steering wheel, and the entire block of metal that the ignition sits in. Then you undo a screw replace the switch put the screw back in and put it all back together. And I tried it with great success! It starts every time now. Very satisfying to know I picked the right part and I was able to get the problem fixed. I'm just amazed at where you can find parts, like on amazon. I wouldn't have thought that but my dad told me to check there so I did. Pretty cool though.

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