Thursday, August 30, 2012

4x4 VW Bus

I found an article today about an amazing idea for a VW Bus. Check this out, I mean this is awesome. The owner of this bus, Steve Rice, took the body of a bus and put it on the chassis of a Jeep 4x4. Replacing the engine with a 300 hp automatic beast to power this bus. Imagine the places you could go camping with something like this. I can guarantee you would sleep better than all the hikers or backpackers, even those with big trucks. You can go anywhere they can and sleep in classic comfort. Love it, two thumbs up Steve! Check out his blog for the whole story at Off Road 4x4 VW Bus.

This article got the wheels turning in my head. I'm thinking the VW transporter truck but with 4x4. I love those trucks, but if I were to get a truck here in Utah I would want something that could have 4x4 for the snow and mountains.  I'm telling you this idea could be transferable to a truck. I've got to remember that, someday when I have the money to restore one, that may be the way to go. Have you guys heard of any other 4x4 Volkswagens? if so I would love to hear about them. 

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