Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Axles

My New Axle
Well I finally replaced the rear axles in my car. I thought the CV Joints were bad. Now, I;m not so sure. First I noticed a grinding noise about a year ago. I know that was the CV Joints. It made that grinding noise when I took a sharp corner at 15- 20 miles per hour. After about 2 months though it went away. Then I noticed a clicking noise. It always seemed to come from the rear of teh car. THe sound was kind of a clickety clack, I was sure it waws the CV Joints. I finally forked up the $160 to buy two new axles, and after I put them in the clicky sound is still there. I then find it was my rims. The rims on my car have a funky plastic insert that is loose and it rattles as you drive, that's it. But those are something that would need to be replaced sometime anyway. The old one's were pretty greasy and worn. They still worked but they would need to be replaced sometime. So thought I would share my story. Have you guys had the experience where you've replaced something to find out nothing was wrong in the first place? Reminds me of that old adage "If it ain't broke don't fix it".


  1. Yes, as a matter of fact I replaced a CV joint when I didn't need to. It turns out they're good for a lot longer than is commonly though, even after they start making noise.
    You'll need an account (which you should get anyway; this site is one of your best resources for info about working on old VWs) to see the pictures:


  2. Thanks for the info whc03grady. I set up an account with them and am now just waiting for approval. I'll poke around the website after my account gets through. And it does appear that those Joints last longer then you would think, oh well, I guess that means I won't have to replace these for 40 or more years.