Sunday, August 12, 2012

Jared Norman Fine Art

My brother Jared is going out in illustration with and emphasis in concept art. He is really good at it too. He had some fun with my bug the other day. The pieces he did turned out really good. He did these two peieces digitally with photoshop. They are really cool. Living in utah the bug with the treads would be great in the winter. Bet the flying bug would sure save time getting places. As my other brother said "Put me down for one of these!"

Jared also did another piece for me a little while back. This one was done a little different. He also does some of his art work using colored pencils usually on black paper, they turn out really amazing as well and I wanted to share that piece with you guys. click on teh link here Red Bug. Check out his website and other pieces at Jared Norman Fine Art.

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