Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Speaker is in!

Well my new 4 ohm speaker got shipped! I got it installed and it seems to work a lot better. The stations that have the best reception are fairly loud, loud enough to hear when the engine is at a lower RPM. Eventually when I want to put a better muffler on it, a stock muffler, that will help to quiet it a bit. But you can here it while driving, whereas before you couldn't here it if the engine was running at all. I think part of the problem may be I also need to replace the Antennae. The one that was in it when I bought it is a really cheep after market one. Not stock. Their only like $8 so I may pick one up sooner rather than later. If that improves reception, I may be set. It's nice having my little radio in, kind of exciting actually. Do any of you still have the stock radio in yours?


  1. Our Type III still has its original stereo, and it still works. It's a Sapphire XV, just like yours:

    We rarely use it.


  2. Cool, I checked out the link. I'm with you I like the simplicity of VW Dashes. That's why I like the stock radio very simple goes well with it. I also notice you do the t-shirt thing on you black vinyl seats too. Those get pretty hot in the summer.