Friday, July 27, 2012

Radio Installed

Well I got the radio installed in my car. I had to fix the dash though teh previous owner had bent it up to fit a different radio I'm guessing, but I bent it back into place and the new radio snapped right into place. Very Exciting. Then I had to work on the antennae a little bit, it was loose.

Then I had to figure out a speaker. I went to autozone and bought a 4 inch speaker that was 4-8 ohms. When I hooked it all up my radio was very quiet, you have to put your ear up to the speaker to hear much of anything. One station comes in clear enough that with the engine off. You can hear it pretty well if you are also very quiet. So the new radio is exciting but I haven't got it to work yet. My guess from some research is that I should have gotten a 4ohm speaker not a 4-8 and if I do that it should be twice as loud, or I need to get two speakers to hook up in parallel. If that doesn't work then I plan on figuring out if my radio isn't getting enough power. Do you guys  have any other suggestions?

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