Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wasatch Classic!

I've been looking forward to this car show for the last year. It is one of two big Utah VW only car shows. It is put on by the Wasatch Vintage Volkswagen Club. I had a blast, perfect weather. Not to hot, it was actually a little drizzly, perfect.

I took two of my friends up to the car show with me and parked my car in the show. I didn't enter it because it costs $25 and I would rather spend that at the swap meet. Speaking of that I found a couple of items I'm really excited about that I'll share later on in the week. It was like Christmas picking up those parts.

There was a huge turn out at the show. One of the reasons I love going is because of the whacked out things people do to there cars. Some are super awesome (like the Carbon Cab I saw there) and some are just goofy (like the pink panther bug). I also saw some 2000's Mexican beetle's there. It's crazy to think that some old bugs are less than 10 years old. Awesome.

While I was there I also found out about the other VW show that Utah hosts. The last call show up in the southetown convention center up North somewhere. I'm defiantly planning on going to that one as well. I just love VW car shows. What car shows have you guys been to this year?

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