Monday, July 16, 2012

New Radio

My Cardboard Radio
When I first got my car it had two nice Kenwood speakers, but no radio. It just had a giant hole in the dash where the radio was supposed to go. Instead of having the gaping whole I cut out a piece of cardboard and wrapped it in black duct tape to color match it to the dash. After a couple of weeks I got an even better idea, I went online and got a picture of a stock VW Radio and printed it off and glued it to the cardboard. People got a kick out of it and it was a good temporary fix.

My New Radio
But while I was at my most recent car show I found just what I was looking for a Good looking decent condition radio for a cheap price. The radio I got was only $25! You can't loose for that price. When I got home I took a look and the electronics and everything looks functional, just like the seller was telling me. I plan on installing it to my Kenwood speakers this week and giving it a try. It's only AM but a lot better than nothing. And oddly enough I'm very excited about my AM only radio. What have you guys done for your sound systems? Do you go stock, none, or a aftermarket stereo system?

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