Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day/Night Mirror

My New Day/Night Mirror
It is possible to live without a day/night mirror. But it is so much nicer to have one! Last week I drove home everyday at 9:30 and the bright lights of the car behind me were quite annoying. When I was at the car show I finally found one from the same guy who sold me the radio. It was in good condition and only $5. The only thing was that it is a little different than the one I had in my Beetle before. The guy who sold it seemed to think it was from a bus. I know that this one hangs down a little more than the old one, but it still fits perfectly. Do you guys know what my mirror came from originally?

My Old Mirror

Anyway it was pretty exciting to finally be able to use the mirror, makes driving so much nicer at night. My car is slowly improving little bit by little bit, it's been fun.


  1. I can't tell you which ACVW that mirror originally came from, but you can count on the stereotypical Teutonic obsession with organization and detail to help you figure it out: look at the part number. If it starts with a "1", it is a part originally designed for Beetles. "2", for buses, "3", Type 3. Some parts made their way across models (headlight rings, for instance), but the first number tells you where the part premiered.


    1. Thanks whc03grady, I'll check out that number. I learned something new today.