Monday, June 25, 2012

Master Cylinder Award

So this is what I was working on last week, and why I didn't post last Friday. It is my fathers day present to my dad, he was gone on father's day so we celebrated last Sunday. I was really excited to make it. I had a lot of fun.
 For those of you who don't know it is made out of a master brake cylinder from a VW Bug. It was the old leaky one we pulled off a few months ago. I wanted to make something for my dad to say thanks for all the work he has done on my car, I thought this was rather fitting. To paint it I just used gold, metallic spray paint from Home Depot, I was really surprised at how well it turned out! Tell me what you think, what other creative ideas have you guys had with old unusable parts?


  1. That's pretty cool.

    It wasn't my idea, but back in 1991 when I smashed my first ACVW into the back of a Chrysler LeBaron, the wrecker I sold it to turned the hood (the front hood; the bonnet) into a tow-behind sled for his kids.


  2. That's a great idea! That would be a lot of fun. Although it is a bummer it got wrecked.