Sunday, June 10, 2012

This week I drove to work and was making a stop at the bank so I took the freeway there. It wasn't very far but I figured it would give my car a good run. As I got off the freeway my car started backfiring really bad. So I pulled into the Krispie Kreme parking lot and let it sit for the day I had to have my boss come pick me up, that's embarrassing. After I got it home me and my dad worked it over we tuned the card and did the timing, but it still didn't help. After a test drive we thought it might be a wire. The wire that connects to the carburetor from the coil was really shoddy so we replaced that and it helped a little but it still was having issues. After a bit of research we finally believe that it is the distributor that is going out, so that's on next weeks list to do. There is always something on this car.

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