Monday, June 11, 2012

Timing light with spark advance.
Today I found out how to "properly" time an 009 distributor. Before I just did a static timing at 7.5 degrees before top dead center. Static timing means a timing while the engine is off. But the best way to time the distributor is to pick up a Timing light and time the engine while its running at 3000 RPM to 28 - 32 degrees. You can buy a timing light that lets you set the advance of the spark to whatever degree you want. I picked one up today from Harbor Freight.

My engine set up right now.
I also went to buy a distributor from Parts for Imports, but they didn't have the distributor I wanted. I want to get an 009 distributor because they are inexpensive. Parts for Imports had an 009 but it was fairly expensive. For a stock carburetor like I have a Vacuum advance distributor is best, because teh 009 has a flat spot where it takes the distributor a moment to get going, so it means you have to give it a bit more gas on take off. I found another distributor on the California Imports page here is the link: 009 distributor. I'll keep you updated on how the search goes.


  1. You should abandon your search for a 009 and get what you already know is best, the stock vacuum advance distributor. The cheapness of the 009 will be eaten up before long in poor performance. That is, you'll pay for it in gas, and in time and energy spent trying to get the 009--which is the correct distributor for exactly 0 cars--dialed in "correctly". This is one of a few cases where people need to ignore John Muir.

    Here's how to find the part number for the distributor your engine wants:


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Getting better gas mileage would be a great bonus. I'm getting low mileage, around 20 MPG, if a vacuum advance would help it's defiantly something to look into. And the infamous flat spot the 009 has with my carburetor can be a little bit annoying, thanks!