Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Car Show!!!!

Today was my car's first car show, and the first one I was ever able to enter! I had a great time. It was the Trinity Mission Health and Rehab center's 2nd annual car show. The show had mainly American Muscle, for a while I thought I would be the only Volkswagen there, or only foreign car for that matter. Eventually two more VW Guys showed up in there bugs.

One of the guys there was really helpful and gave some great advice. Some things to twink on my car make it a little safer, little things. He also suggested that instead of just replacing the rear axle's I repack them with grease, they might actually be fine. That made me happy, another way to save a little money.

The other two bugs that were there were quit opposite. One was way worse than mine and one was way better. The black one had a lot of issues, but it was a work in progress, trying to fix the previous owner's mistakes, I understand that, I think any VW Owner can. The blueish green bug was in way better condition than mine, it had a very powerful engine in it, it was nice. The one thing I don't understand is that he took out the heat pipes. How can you run a bug in Utah without heat?? It was a very nice car  though.

I'm looking forward to the next car show in July, that one is all VW, I'm very excited. My car's second car show! 


  1. "How can you run a bug in Utah without heat??"|

    Easy. Have a Bug that only gets driven (or worse, only gets trailered) to Summertime cars shows.


    1. That's too true. At the last car show I went to just yesterday I found out he is planning on selling it I wonder if little things like that are part of the reason?