Sunday, February 24, 2013

Driver Side Seat Belt

I found out recently on the samba about a guy who sells brand new retractable 3 point seat belts for $18 with $25 for shipping. It comes as a pair. The guy is selling Hummer seatbelts but they work perfectly in a bug and look remarkably like the originals. Here is a link to his ebay page. I was really excited to find this because usually seat belts are outrageously priced. Anyway mine finally arrived. I only have the driver's side belt in because it had a mounting bracket with it. The passenger side seat belt is an older non retractable style with no mounting bracket of anysort. I will be making one this week so I will be able to show pictures of both sides in later. Here is this one installed though. It really is very nice. It works just like the stock one's. My old one stopped retracting and looked like a piece of garbage. It is so nice to have a new belt in the car, it makes the car feel newer. I will also be glad to replace the old non retractable hard to adjust seat belt, but not as glad as the people who ride with me in my car. So if any one is looking for seat belts check this out.

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  1. I put a set in my 68 bug and love them. i was looking at you radio mod and was thinking about getting a jawbone and just placing it under the seat, no wires and just have to take it inside every once in a while to charge.