Monday, February 11, 2013

Volkswagen Commercial - Reincarnation

I like looking at Beetle Commercials when I'm bored browsing the internet. You may see more postings on different commercials. Today's commercial is this one for the new 2012 Beetle. I think this commercial just embodies the spirit of the Beetle. It was a car that could be put through just about anything and come out on top. And the song is just so appropriate. Anyone who owns a beetle just seems to fall in love with it, they have a very hard time parting with it if they ever do part with it. It becomes one of the family. I think Volkswagen did an amazing job on this commercial, what are your opinions about it? Comment below!


  1. Opinion? I think it's lame that VW (VWoA at least) only acknowledges the cars that built the company when it's convenient to use phony nostalgia to sell their current, utterly boring, mediocre cars. VWoA did a lot to stymie the air-cooled aftermarket industry in the 1980s and 1990s; they were obviously ashamed of their automotive heritage.
    Incidentally, if people in 2063 are as deeply and truly in love with their 2013 "New" "Beetles" as people are with their 1963 Beetles today, I'll eat whatever spare parts I still have around (if *I'm* still around).


  2. Thanks for your comment. There were a lot of tie backs to the Beetle, but it is what's popular. I think that the Beetle really is what defines Volkswagen. It will be interesting to see how popular these newer Beetles will be in 60 years. Personally I like the new Beetles and newer Volkswagens as well as the classic ones, but there is nothing quite like driving in a aircooled VW on a sunny day.