Friday, July 5, 2013

New Turn Of Events...

About a week ago I found a bug for sale, a 1975 fuel injected super beetle with a sunroof. And it was in amazing condition. As much as i love my little 74 beetle I've realized it will take a lot of work and time to keep it running right. I came to the decision that If the Beetle online was as good as it looked I would buy it and sell my car. Not to mention it was just the car I have been looking for for quite a while. I have wanted a super beetle for some time, from the research I've done there a better car for my needs, I wanted fuel injection for more reliability and more power, and the sunroof is something that I've wanted even before I bought my green 74. And for icing on the cake it even has pop out quarter windows.

Well today, this morning I went to check it out. I was very impressed, the car was taken care of and worked over. The guy I will be buying it from is very nice, about my age, in high school, I felt like he was very honest about the car and was impressed with him too. He even washed, cleaned and detailed the car before I came to look at it, I hadn't even decided to buy it. Any way the car drove like a dream, the difference between a standard beetle and a super beetle as far as steering and suspension goes is night and day, and the body of the beetle is in excellent shape it was taken to a shop and sanded down, had the body work done, and they repainted red and white with the right tools. The car is great!

So tomorrow morning I will go to pick the car up. The plan is to then sell my old car off, my 74 beetle. I think this super beetle will make a much better daily driver. But I'll post some more about all the improvements on a super beetle later on after I get the car. I also want to do a video about my new car, so I'll post that when I get it done. I'll show some more pics of the car when I get it home tomorrow. I'm so excited, its like Christmas all over again!


  1. What is that thing running through the loop of the alternator belt? It almost looks like it's resting on the pulley. Reroute it before it gets caught up in the belt and commits untold mayhem, please.

    Nice looking car! I'm glad you're into keeping the f.i.


  2. Thanks! Yes I'm excited to keep the fuel injection. That little wire you see actually has no where else to go it has to be pointed out that way, but it has a casing around it that is formed to keep it away from the pulley. It's actually got a good gap between it and the pulley although it doesn't look that way in the picture. The other pictures of fuel injection I've seen have that wire as well, there is so much crammed in there they had to get creative routing everything where it needs to go.