Monday, June 10, 2013

What came in the mail...

About a week and a half ago I ordered this booklet on I've looked through the classifieds multiple times for 1974 related materials. Commonly I see the sales brochure, the colors sheet, the spec sheet, and occasionally an owner's manual. This one something I hadn't seen before. It is a dealership booklet that shows all the accessories you could get for your beetle in 1974. I decided that maybe it was time to start my collection for my car. I want to eventually get all the factory/dealership books, pamphlets etc. for the 1974 beetle. Something extra to show off at car shows. Today it finally came and I got to take a good look through it.
This booklet is full of all sorts of things. For instance did you know Volkswagen offered a tissue box you could install under the dash? It even has the Wolfsburg Crest on it. A variety of shifters were also available, sport shifters, with leather or wood knobs. Wood trim to dress up the dashboard. And even vinyl lettering or stripes on the side of the car. As I've looked through the book I've realized that, not only will this be a cool thing to show off at shows, but it will help me get the correct accessories for 1974 as I restore my car. If you ever have a chance to pick up something lick this for your car I would recommend it, it's fun and helpful to look through.

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