Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My car is an icon

This is a picture of my car on my street. It is an icon for me. My mom loves it because she can always see where I'm at, she just needs to look for the little green bug with the letter P on the side. My mom isn't the only one that can tell where I'm at though.

Yesterday at work one of my coworkers said to me: "i don't want to sound like I'm stalking you, but I know where you live." I had to smile I knew where this was going, I'd heard this before. We had new neighbors move in recently and my coworker's sister was friends with their daughter. She had gone to drop off her sister and saw my bug parked there on the street. 

The beetle is defiantly a recognizable car. There aren't as many on the road any more so each one is unique. My friends are always saying I saw your car at such and such place, or they will wave as I pass them by. It's a hard car to miss, it's very unique in today's world. And for that matter it isn't just my friends that wave, I always love it when people wave or give me a thumbs up. It's not just a car it's an experience, and that goes for any old  VW.

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