Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sapphire AM Radio With iPod Connection

Hey everybody, I just finished working on my AM Sapphire XV radio to add an audio cable for my iPod. It was a really simple project with very little alteration to the actual radio. The great part is it still maintains the function of the AM radio. Here is a video of the final result: 

I decided to do some looking around to see if it was possible after I installed my radio and realized that the radio itself didn't work very well. I found that the radio couldn't pick up a very good signal. Sadly in my area there is only one AM station with a signal strong enough for my radio to pick up. I wanted a way to have the songs from my iPod played through the radio while maintaining the stock functionality.

After some research I found out how to do it. I added a page to the resource section of the site that lists the instructions for how I made the connection to my radio. Here is a link to  the Radio Conversion for iPod/MP3 Hook-up article.

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