Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Google Street View

This is in front of my house.
Last fall, just after school had started Google maps redid the street view for the Provo, UT area. I found out because I drove past or the Google maps car drove past me twice while I was driving around town over the course of a week. I was really excited about that since my car would be on Google maps two times. I kept checking back and they never updated them... until just this week. I guess it takes a bit of time for them to process the new images and put them online. Just for fun I also checked in front of my house and discovered that my car is on Google maps 3 times in total. That is so awesome. I have been excited about that all day, I'm sure I will be pulling up Google maps to show any one i can. Do you guys have pics of your VW's on Google maps?
This is as I was heading to work.
This is as I was leaving school.

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