Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starter Finally Gave Out

This looks like my old one, but mine had
more grease and gunk on it. 
I went out yesterday morning to start my car and well it didn't. I turned the ignition and after about ten seconds the starter engaged once. It didn't turn over the engine so I tried again and nothing. After school (thanks mom for letting me use your car again) me and my dad took a look at the starter. I'm very glad that we have a heated garage, it wasn't bad at all to work in there. After a quick look at the old beast we decided that it was time for the starter to go. I meant to take a picture of it before we took it into auto-zone for a core exchange. It looks like the one in the picture except with more grease and gunk on it. I went to my local auto-zone store, lo and behold, they actually had one. I'm amazed at what they keep stocked. Didn't take much to get it fixed.
What my nice new one looks like.

After that me and my dad took the bug out onto the freeway. Gave a chance to burn some water out of the system. The bug had become sort of sputtery and sluggish but today he drove like a champ! I put an additive called heet in my gas to help keep the water from freezing in my carburetor we'll see how that works out.

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