Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Retro Sound's New Radio

New Retro Sound Radio
Retro sound recently put out a new radio. Up until now I have thought that their 60's style radios have looked good, but they haven't really put out a good 1968 and up sapphire style radio. A few weeks ago I saw the MidAmerica Motorworks catalog and I was pleasantly surprised. On one of the front pages they showed the newest model, the one shown above. I really liked it, I thought they did a good job on it. The black push buttons and chrome trim really are what does it. I think I will still stick to my stock radio, but they did a good recreation. Who knows maybe someday when I restore my car i'll get a new radio. I think they would look good on a stock VW dash or custom, either way its a good balance between retro and modern. What do you guys think, would it look good in a stock VW or should we stick with vintage sapphire models?
Vintage Sapphire Radio

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